How to Curb Holiday Anxiety in Your Pup?


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Holidays are times when there are lots of the hustle and bustle, visiting friends and family, hosting parties, traveling, shopping, and just having a good time. A good break from the routine, but it's not what our little furry friends feel. They love routine and general predictability. Just like us, they get apprehensive in newer surroundings and around new people. Traveling, festivities or parties does bring in a change that throws them out of their comfort zone, thus making them anxious. An anxious pet can get fussy, lose its happy temperament, become hyperactive or inactive, act whiny, either sulk alone, or demand more attention. The symptoms are so many; it is always better to check with a doctor to confirm if it is anxiety or some other disease. To reduce the anxiety in your pet dogs, you can practice these things right from their young age:

1. Set up and try to stick to the pup's schedules of walking, eating, and playing. All the family members can share turns, or you can seek help from professional pet sitters and walkers, but never miss out on these activities because walking and playing help them to spend their energy in an effective way. It calms their nerves and reduces anxiety.

2. When hosting parties at home, make a separate room for the pup to stay during the party. Keep some of the pup's toys and treats in this room, along with a comfy bed. This a good practice, and it is really useful when you have people bringing in their pets that don't get along with yours or when guests are allergic or even when your pet is not ready to deal with strangers.

3. In case you are traveling for a long holiday, leave your pet at home with a reliable caretaker or a professional pet sitter. You can also consider kennels or boarding facilities for the time period. If there is no other option, then buy a comfortable and snug canine travel crate to carry them along. Do not forget to carry along their essential toys, emergency medications, and everything else necessary.

4. Your loyal pets are so much in sync with your moods, schedules, and even your emotions. If you feel frustrated or stressed about all the arrangements and holidays, it is going to brush up on them too. It is essential that you relieve yourself of any anxiety too.

Many people consider their pets as family and would want them to be part of all important celebrations. But after the celebrations, when the routine begins, people get busy in their job and children are in school or college, leaving the pets alone at home. This can make the pets feel lonely or anxious, especially a social and friendly one. In such cases, the anxiety and its impact stay much beyond the holidays if the proper arrangement is not made to address it.

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