How to Curb Holiday Anxiety in your Kitten?


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With winters here, it is time for many of us to enjoy holiday parties and visitors coming home. Parties, presents, and festivities are some of the things that can get us off our routine. The change in your schedule may make it difficult for your kitten.

Many kittens have an anxiety disorder that can heighten during the holiday season. Stress and anxiety can make them act and behave differently. You may find them chewing on things or getting very noisy and riotous. All the strain can make them feel anxious and will kill the festivities and holiday spirits for your little furry friends.

However, fret no more, dear kitty-parents. We have some tips that will help curb the holiday anxiety in your kitten. Read on to find out what you can do to help you and your kitten enjoy a great holiday:

1. Do not deviate from your routine

Having a predictable routine is of the utmost importance when you have a kitten. Your little kitty may not be very fond when routine changes.

For instance, if your kitty is used to being fed first thing in the morning, you must continue with this trend. You should do this even if you wake up late in the morning.

Another thing to ensure that you can satisfy your kitty's daily needs, you can maintain a checklist, especially if there is more than one person taking care of your friend.

2. Exercise is key

Kitty needs some form of exercise every day. Exercising can help release energy and make your kitten jolly and will be overall beneficial for it. Your kitty can become depressed, restless, anxious, and hyperactive with a lack of exercise. Going for walks and playing with toys can immensely improve your kitty's behavior and make it happy.

3. Challenge your kittyโ€™s brain

Kittens need to do something to stop feeling restless. One way to ensure that your kitten does not feel uptight, tweak the way you give it food. Instead of putting food in the food bowl, try a food treasure hunt. You can hide little treats and their favorite cat food in different places to keep them happy and busy when you are out.

4. Your kitty needs your attention

Your holiday schedule might mean that you do not have as much time for your kitty. Your kitty may get anxious and nervous due to this lack of attention from you. You can prevent bad behavior and promote happiness by spending quality time with your kitten. Play some games and cuddle on the sofa together to enjoy priceless moments.

If your kitten loves meeting people, you can introduce it to your guests and let it make new friends. However, supervise when children are with your kitten.

5. Get a cat sitter

Cats do not like leaving their homes, so you do not have the option of any boarding facility. You can get a cat sitter to take care of your kitten when you are running errands or busy with holiday preparations.

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