How To Create The Perfect Space For Your Kitten.

How To Create The Perfect Space For Your Kitten.

Image Source: Pixabay.comWhen they are 0-8weeks old

Kittens are like babies, they require special care when they are young and training to grow into active pets. The needs of an infant kitten are different from that of an adult cat. Firstly, do not adopt kittens when they are too young. It is advised to allow them to spend some time with its mother and siblings as it learns about socializing. Kittens adopted too young can get easily scared or confused under human surroundings. Also, kittens under the age of 8 weeks cannot generate body-heat and need warm and cozy environments. The time they spend with newcomers needs to be limited as kittens need time adjusting. Introductions should be one person at a time. Make sure that they are out of reach of children under the age of five. Young children sadly, are known to be inhuman to young kittens due to lack of awareness. Growing kittens are known to be very active and full energy. That is why they need supervision around the house.

Changes as they grow up

As already mentioned, kittens are extremely active. They need things to distract themselves or they will find things for themselves. The latter can often lead to mishaps and injuries to the pet. Certain changes start occurring when they grow beyond the age of 8 weeks. They develop the habit of scratching and biting. If not contained they might latch onto electrical wires and drapes. This can lead to choking. Make sure the space for your kitten has scratch posts for it sharpen its claws. Put away and hanging drapes and cords in its vicinity. Small items like buttons and jewelry must be kept out of reach for similar reasons. When old enough your kittens might want to explore its surroundings. Introduce your pet to your home one room at a time. Let it explore and sit at various locations. Be mindful of its presence as it marks it territory. Two to four months of age shows rapid growth in kittens. Their limbic systems are developed enough for them to roam around. This is a good time to get some toys for your pet.

Feline Behavior

Kittens as they grow are often known to wander off away from its human and animal companions. This โ€œme-timeโ€ is quite important for cats and usually prefer spots where its surrounded by its own things. These spots are usually high and surrounded by its toys, litter box, scratch posts and food. Make sure identify such locations for your pet and provide the things it needs. Cats are predatory by nature and prefer toys of such nature. Stuffed animals for attacking, a big ball for it to chase around are perfect. Once again make sure that there are no small parts that can get dislodged and stuck in its throat. Kittens are incredibly social and energetic when growing up, that is why it is often advised to adopt two kittens at a time.

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