How to Control your Dog's Eating Behavior?


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Some dogs gulp down food. They do not even chew what they eat. The process of eating is much faster than what is required. It is apparent that the dog has an obsession towards food. This behavior must be changed. Eating quickly may result in bad digestion. As an owner, you should try to tackle any kind of competitive behavior when it comes to consumption. The aim is to slow down the eating pace of the dog.

Quick eating is really bad for your dog

Quick eating may result in your dog gagging or choking. This type of behavior indicates a greedy animal. The dog can turn feral if it sees another canine hovering nearby. The presence of another human may also trigger the same hostile response. In case your home has children, the dog can perceive them as competitors for food and may turn hostile.A medical condition may be responsible for such a hostile attitude in any dog. This is called gastric dilatation-volvulus or GDV. This occurs when the rapid food consumption leads too excessive food, fluid and air filling the animal's stomach. The latter expands and twists around he axis. It is then impossible for any food to pass via stomach to intestines. In such cases, the dog falls into shock and die swiftly.

Behavioral causes

In case of a few puppies, mealtimes can be a competition to get an adequate quantity of food before it gets finished. A behavioral pattern is developed and this carries on to subsequent homes. It can continue even when there are no competitors for food.

Solving the problem

You must make sure that your dog eats slowly. Do this by giving it food in a different manner. Do not dump food into dog dish. Instead upturn the dish and spread food round the center. It will slow down the canine as it will be forced to circle the bowl while eating.It is an excellent idea to buy

special feeding dish

. Products made specifically for such kind of dogs are available. Grip rings are not present and thus may slide when the dog eats. The canine may have to chase its food. Another solution is to purchase a puzzle feeder. Your dog will be forced to work for its food.Another excellent idea is to demarcate the food of the dog into portions. Split food among a number of saucers. Spread them all over the room. You can also divide food among individual bowls or cupcake tins. Your dog must find every one of them before it completes its food intake. You can also raise food bowl. Place it on chair or on a low table. The dog will be forced to eat standing and food will go down from its gullet. It can also burp easier.

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