How To Choose The Right Health Supplement For Your Dog

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If you’re going out to buy health supplements for your dog but don’t know what or how to choose one, then you’ve come to the right place. Owners often do their own research before heading over to the pet store. Most articles on health supplements will give the correct information but there is always the risk of ending up reading the ones with misleading information. It can be dangerous to feed your dog the wrong health supplements.Here are some important points you need to keep in mind the next you go shopping for your pet’s health supplements.

  1. Talk to your vetIsn’t it obvious? Instead of playing the doctor, take your dog to a real doctor. Health supplements should always be bought after consulting with an experienced vet. You may have a hunch that your pet needs a particular health supplement but that does not mean it is true. A vet can give better insight as to what your pet needs and what he doesn’t.
  2. Buy only National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) approved productsIn the last 13 years, the NASC has approved over 7,000 products and over 2,000 ingredients. The NASC has strict guidelines for companies making pet supplements. It conducts frequent checks and onsite audits similar to the FDA. NASC has clearly said that the list of approved products is only aimed at improving an animal’s health. It will not cure any disease under any circumstance. It also conducts independent testing which means it randomly chooses an approved product from a pet store and checks its quality.The NASC seal is a seal of trust and purity. They have conducted extensive research on their product before launching them in the market. You can safely buy such products.
  3. Try changing the food firstSometimes dogs get bored of the food and avoid it altogether. Owners mistake this for malnourishment and buy health supplements. Don’t be so rash. Try changing the food once in a while. Make sure your dog is getting all the important nutrients it is supposed to receive. Consult a dietician if you can.

Buying pet health supplements is an important task and should be done carefully. First, make sure that your dog requires a health supplement. Take him to a vet and have him checked. Ask the vet if he needs any. When you go to a pet store, only buy products which have the NASC seal on them. The NASC seal is proof that the products have been tested thoroughly for quality and authenticity. You can also try changing your dog’s food once in a while because they too like us get bored of the same meal every day.

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