How To Choose Dog Nail Clippers?


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It is lovely to return home to your dog. To many owners, the sound of their dogs running to them for a hug with their feet tapping the floor is a happy one. The sound, however, signifies that your dog is in desperate need of a nail clipping. This task should not be ignored and must be done at the earliest. If this is not done, your dog may get seriously injured. Choosing a nail clipper could be a confusing task but a much-needed one. A number of models are sold in the market. There is no all size fits all. A particular kind of nail clipper is needed for a specific species of dog.

Scissor clippers

These are also known as Miller's Forge Trimmers and functions like scissors. This model is suitable for bigger dogs which have thicker and bigger nails. The clippers provide extra force to cut the nails.

Guillotine clippers

As the name implies, these clippers function similar to a guillotine. You just have to stick the nail end of your dog to the hole and give this device a squeeze. The blade is then lowered which slices off the nail end. Guillotine clippers are best for medium-sized and smaller dogs.

Grinder tools

These clippers became popular due to frequent infomercials. Unlike other nail clippers, the nail does not get clipped but grinded down. This function makes it versatile. Such clippers can be used both on bigger dogs and on canines who hate when clippers are used on them. It is to be noted that training could be needed to make your pet used to this device's vibrating sensation. It does not help that the grinding process also takes a little longer time compared to the clipping process. Patience is thus needed both for you and for your pet.

Whatever nail clipper you choose, it is an anxious period for all dogs. Begin trimming claws from your dog's childhood years. Doing this will make it accustomed to the nail clipping process. Keep in mind that a majority of dogs require some kind of restraint.

It is vital to make your dog comfortable prior to cutting its nails. If you do this in a proper manner, your dog will lose its fear of the nail clipping device. You can prepare it by frequently touching and holding your dog's paws from the initial days you brought him to the house. To make inroads, allow the puppy to sniff the device on the first day Give it praise and treats. On the second day, touch it to each paw. Give your dog treats and also praise. On the third day, touch nail clipper to its paw and squeeze to make a sound. Do not cut nails but make sure the dog hears the sound. Touch the clipper to the dog's nail on the fourth day. Give it praise and treats. Start by trimming small parts of the nail on the fifth day and move to bigger portions from then on.

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