How to Care for Your Pet on a Budget


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We often refer to our pets as furry babies and ourselves as pet parents. And just like parenting a human child, parenting an animal can be tricky at times, rewarding at others, but also very expensive.With pet care products, pet food, vet visits for illnesses and vaccines, the cost of owning a pet can get quite high. In order to not spend beyond our means sometimes we have to budget our costs and cut down on some of the more luxurious spends.

Here are a few tips to help you care for your pets on a budget
  1. Find a cheaper vet: There is no way to completely avoid vet visits but this is one thing that can cost a considerable amount. Look at different options in your area and try and find a vet with more reasonable rates. If you have a veterinary college close to you, you can avail of the cheaper services at their clinic which is run by the students but supervised by a fully qualified vet.
  2. Compare rates of medication: Often if you have to fill out your petโ€™s prescription at the vetโ€™s office you could be paying more than if you do it at a pharmacy. Shop around a bit and find the most reasonable deals so that you can spend less on medicines for your pet.
  3. Grooming at home: While taking your pet to the groomers might be easier and more convenient it could cost you a good amount of money. Bathing and grooming your pet at home on your own could save you a lot in the long run.
  4. Get deals on pet food: Look for places where you can by pet food wholesale or at a discounted rate to cut down on overall costs. Many stores sell food that is near expiry at a cheaper price than what is marked. Just make sure to use up all the food by the best before date.
  5. Keep your pet healthy: A healthy and happy pet will require few visits to the vet and less medication. Take good care of your pet by keeping it clean, by not over or under feeding it, and by giving it the right amount of exercise. Trim the nails of cats and dogs, brush the fur, and use a flea and tick repellent to prevent infestations. Smaller breeds of dogs, and cats might need to be kept warm during cold spells so that they donโ€™t catch anything.

Having a furry baby can be just as expensive as having a human baby. By cutting down on a few extravagant spends and looking for deals on necessities you can manage your costs and care for your pet on a budget.

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