How to care for your Birman cat the best way?


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Birman cats are among the most intelligent, playful and sociable cat breeds you could come across. When you bring home a Birman cat, you wonโ€™t have to worry about them getting along with your other family members. They are incredibly jovial and will warm up to your friends and family in no time. Your Birman cat will look to you to take care of its needs, and you should be able to step up to the plate. Not much is required to care for this cat breed. You will need basic cat supplies, shower it with love and affection and keep a watch on its health.

If you are interested in knowing just how you can look after your Birman catโ€™s needs, read on below.

Steps to help look after a Birman cat

  • Groom it โ€“ Fortunately, the Birman breed of cats donโ€™t grow hair till full-length as do Persians. They are classified as semi-long hair breeds. As a result, Birman cats donโ€™t need daily brushing. Brush its coat of fur weekly and it will suffice. Additionally, these cats love to be groomed and will not pose any obstacles in your attempt to give it a weekly brush-over. You could bathe your Birman cat occasionally using a spray nozzle and clip its nails every month to keep it tidy and well-groomed.
  • Donโ€™t overfeed it โ€“ The Birman breed cat loves to overindulge when it comes to food. They eat for more than their size, so you will have to be careful of it gaining excess weight. These cats could continue hankering for food even after theyโ€™ve just been fed. Itโ€™s a habit you will have to wean them off. Try to feed them dry cat food and portion out their meals.
  • Provide a clean litter tray/box - Cats are toilet trained by their mothers, so you wonโ€™t have to worry about retraining your Birman where to go everytime it has to defecate. It wonโ€™t soil your house. However, cats can be extremely nitpicky. So, if you let its litter box get too dirty, you can expect your pet to ignore it. Routinely clean out your Birmanโ€™s litter box and the cat will be more than happy to use it.
  • Take it to a vet โ€“ Taking your pet to a vet visit should be topmost on your pet-care list. Get your Birman all necessary vaccinations and have it de-wormed on a routine basis.

Not much of a task then, is it? Cats are low-maintenance pets. The Birman cat is no different. Provide your Birman with basic cat essentials, companionship and attention โ€“ that's all your breed cat will ever need. How great is that?

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