How to Care for a Cat During Winter


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Winter is here, and the time has come to snuggle under large blankets with huge sweaters. You may think that cats have an advantage over humans with their flashy furry coats, but the truth is that they are just as susceptible to the perils of not taking care of themselves in winter as we all are. Pet owners have to be especially careful when winter comes around, as it is possible for your cat to get into an accident, suffer from disease or just be more lethargic if they are not well taken care of during this period.

How should you take care of your cat during winter?

Depending on how low the temperatures fall in your area during winter, you may want to consider keeping your cat inside. Some families keep their cats outside normally, but if you are facing a temperature where you know you would not want to be outside, the chances are that your feline friend doesn't like the cold too much either.

Most cats seek warmth during winter. Even a cat that loves going outside can be found preferring to stay warm and comfortable at home.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that both you and your cat have a warm and comfortable winter:

  1. Do not use antifreeze on anything. If you live in an area where it snows, then you may be aware of a product called Antifreeze that is used to stop frost from accumulating in different places of your home. This is actually a substance called 'ethylene glycol'. It is extremely toxic cats, yet they are attracted to its smell. If your cat ingets this substance, they could be in terminal danger.
  2. Check Under the Car: Cats always prefer the warmth over the cold, and one place they love to hide is under the car. Always remember to thump your car as well as a check under the hood to make sure there isn't an animal hiding there, seeking warmth and shelter from the cold.
  3. Clean their toes: Cats that walk around on snow will need to have their toes cleaned. The reason behind this is that the leftover snow around their toes could cause them pain if not properly cleaned.
  4. Clean food and warm environments: Cats, especially older cats, can be prone to getting sick during winter. Some animals may develop arthritis as well, and it is necessary to pay attention to how they are behaving in order to maintain their health.

Cats thrive when they are well taken care of, and as long as you ensure that you are keeping your feline friend safe, warm, and well-fed, they are sure to have an amazing winter alongside you. You can also consider buying your feline friend treats for the winter, or small toys to keep them busy and active while they are inside. You can find all this equipment and more in our portal, along with everything you can think of to make your cat feel happy and excited about the changing season.

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