How to Buy a Puppy

How to Buy a Puppy

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If you decided to buy a puppy, then it is vital you take time to think which breed suits you the most. It is important to choose a reputable breeder from whom you will buy your dog. It is vital that you do the necessary homework before taking the final purchase decision.

Dogs can be high maintenance

Before you go out and buy a dog, examine yourself as to whether you yourself are ready to have a dog. Puppies are cute and lovable yes, but they need substantial amounts of money, attention, and time. If you cannot spare all of these three essential needs, then it would be unfair to the puppy to bring it home. You must be fully committed to caring for the animal. This is the correct time to ask yourself a few questions and give honest answers. The first question in this context is whether you have the time to groom, exercise, and train the puppy. In case you have a fast life, buying a dog would be a mistake. You must be financially stable too. Remember that maintaining a dog is an expensive proposition. If you bring a puppy home, you have to pay for necessities like a collar, bedding, and toys. The money will also go for regular and unanticipated veterinary visits. It should also be kept in mind that a few people are allergic to dogs make sure your family member does not fall in this category.

Since you have established that you have the money for the dog's upkeep, then it is time to select the breed of dog most suitable for you. Research which dog breed best suits your own temperament. Do note that dogs are available in all sizes, personalities, and shapes. There is a fair chance that you will suffer a heartbreak if you select the wrong breed. The factors to incorporate in this decision include whether you live in a flat or a house or follow a regular work schedule and travel a lot due to your job.


The energy of the dog must match your energy. If you do not like to go outside and play, then getting an energetic dog will not help matters. Some dogs need a minimum of a few hours of strenuous exercise. Other than the energy quotient, some landlords may not like a probable tenant with pets. If you have already bought the puppy, it is now time to create a budget for the animal-related expenses โ€” factor in the money you can spend on veterinary care. When you have a budget in hand, more realistic expectations of recurring monthly expense can be done. The exact amounts are hard to find out as the quantity may vary from small amounts to a substantially larger one.

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