How Swimming and Hydrotherapy Can Benefit your Dog?

How Swimming and Hydrotherapy Can Benefit your Dog?

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Swimming is a great way to cool off and get a core body workout, not just for humans but also for dogs. Whether you want to ease your dogโ€™s arthritic pain, keep your dog in shape or get him up and running again after a major surgery, getting him in the water is the best option.

What are the advantages of aquatic therapy?

There are a number of reasons why pet owners consider taking their dogs to aquatic therapy, whether they decided to do it themselves or their petโ€™s vet recommended it. From the point of view of preventative care, hydrotherapy is excellent for fitness and is also the best form of aerobic workout your dog can get. Its impact on joints and bones is minimal and it is a great way to keep your dog healthy and in shape.Post-surgical recovery is also one reason why dogs are commonly taken to aquatic therapy, especially for conditions like an ACL tear. Arthritic dogs get to work out their joints and maintain their muscle mass with this therapy. It will also help them move around comfortably and minimize the discomfort they feel.When dogs arenโ€™t moving, they can lose a lot of muscle in a period of just six weeks. The best part about swimming is your dog gets to give his muscles a workout without bearing any weights. The buoyancy and resistance that water offers makes it a great form of exercise for pets suffering from arthritic pain and for pets recovering from an injury. Since water is denser than air, your dogโ€™s movement through water and the resistance to the movement helps give a good workout to the muscles. Your dog will have to exercise for a lesser amount of time in water than he does on land.From underwater treadmills to hydrotherapy pools where your dog can do laps and fetch balls, there are a number of aquatic exercises designed to give your dog a good workout.

What if your dog does not know how to swim?

Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Many of them need to be trained, just like people. Every swimming facility has a different method for teaching the dogs to swim and making them less afraid. As an owner, you need to make sure that your dog is comfortable in the water. No matter what the training is, comfort and safety is always the key. You should never force them if theyโ€™re scared as it can cause an injury to the person, pet or both. If the vet believes that swimming might benefit the pet, but your dog seems anxious about getting into the water, then get in touch with a good animal behaviorist.

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