How Risky Is It To Kiss Your Dog?

How Risky Is It To Kiss Your Dog?


Everyone wants to show a little love to their pooches from time to time. The vets , on the other hand, ask you not to let your dogs lick your face. Experts say that dogs saliva has wound healing abilities. Dog parents are now left puzzled about whether they should let your dog lick their faces or if they should kiss their pooches. Taking a more detailed look at all the perspectives will help us make a decision.

The cautious perspective

Pet's saliva have bacteria and parasites present in them. Pastuerella, Bartonella henselae, and other bacteria that can cause a range of medical problems. These include skin infections, lymph nodes infections and more severe conditions. Campylobacter, Clostridia and Salmonella are also present in the digestive systems of pets. These 3 are the ones that humans have to worry about as they can cause serious intestinal issues. One thing to note is the first set of bacteria is mostly transmitted through scratches as proven by various studies. There is also no solid proof that having your pet lick your face are a major transmission source of salmonella and other bacteria.Parasites are also something that pets can carry with no symptoms, but once contracted by humans it can lead to intestinal diseases, blindness and in severe cases, brain disorders. Parasitic worms and single cell parasites are present in pet intestines and facial licking is a source of transmission of these parasites. However, only 2 types of parasites can be passed on through facial licking โ€“ Giardia and Cryptosporidia. Cats cannot transmit these parasites as they do not eat their own feces.

The positive perspective

Research has proven that a dog's saliva has healing elements in it. It is actually a historic belief that has been passed on through generations before being scientifically proven. Scientists have discovered that per saliva contains histratins. This compound has been proven to encourage the faster spread of new skin cells. When saliva contracts with a wound, it promotes the generation of nitric oxide. This promotes bacterial growth and prevents infection. Some studies even say that a dog's saliva could reduce the healing time by half.


In the end very few bacteria and consequently, diseases can be spread through licking. So it is generally okay to give your pooch a kiss sometimes. Just make sure you know what it's been licking recently. Additionally, to prevent the spread of infections people with long term illnesses and weak immune systems must avoid kissing pets in general. Most importantly, make sure your dog likes it as a form of affection. Dogs that do not want to be kissed will turn their faces away or lick their lips, Pay attention to these signs and respect them.

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