How often should you give oatmeal to your dog?


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It is completely safe for your dog or puppy to eat oatmeal. The only exception is if your dog is allergic to oats. You could give your dogs oatmeal every day, but this is not recommended. Although it is extremely healthy, it is not recommended as the food has high carbohydrates and calories. The dog should not be overfed.

Smaller and cooked oatmeal

It is best to give oatmeal in smaller portions. You could also give this to your dog in the form of an occasional treat or as an extra source of nutrition in addition to the regular dry or wet dog food. A few dogs especially love oatmeal and hanker you for the same.If you decide to provide your dog oatmeal to eat, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The first is to never offer the canine raw oats. Always cook them before you serve this food to your dog. This is as dogs have difficulty digesting raw oats. Use water instead of milk when you prepare your dog's food. This is as there is a fair chance of your dog being lactose intolerant. Milk-soaked oats could make your puppy experience canine digestive discomfort. Diarrhea and upset tummies are common.

No instant solutions

Many dog owners make the mistake of offering their four-legged family member instant oatmeal. These products are almost saturated with added sugar, an item bad for the puppy. The food may also contain harmful ingredients like raisins. Dry fruits are generally harmful to dogs. Do think twice before you add anything to your dog's oatmeal. As mentioned earlier, do not add sugar. If you own a puppy, honey is also out as this food is harmful to puppies. It is alright to sprinkle dill, cinnamon, rosemary, and turmeric. You can also add peanut butter to provide a burst of flavor to your dog. If you want to add fresh fruits, go ahead and add. Chop the fruits into tiny pieces before you give it your canine.Overfeeding your dog is a bad idea. Although oatmeal is healthy, it has a substantial number of calories and your canine may gain weight due to you feeding her. Ideally, your dog must not eat more than half a cup of delicious oats. If your dog is bigger, give it some more food. If possible, feed the dog organic food. It has more nutrients compared to the store brought ones.

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