How often should you bathe your puppy?


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When you are a dog parent, you get constant advice from people on how to take care of your puppy. More often, the advice is not well researched. Some say it is enough to bathe your puppy once a week, while some suggest even once a month is overkill. However, how do you make sure what would be an optimum frequency for your dog's bath? Overbathing them can lead to dry and itchy skin. They need natural body oils for effective hair growth. However, not bathing them frequently can also result in a cute yet stinky puppy sitting in your home.

Till the time the puppies are with their mothers, they are licked cleaned by her. But this is not enough once your puppy starts living in your home. Your energetic puppy is bound to get dirty while exploring the new outside world. While tiny dirt spots here and there can be quickly wiped clean with a damp towel, a completely muddy and stinky puppy needs a full-fledged bath.

3 factors that direct your puppyโ€™s bathing routine

Fur length - Dogs with longer fur tend to pick up more dirt. If your dog has short fur, you can choose to bathe them less frequently than you would a dog with longer fur. Generally, dogs with medium length hair should be bathed once every two months.

Activity level - The more active your puppy is higher is their tendency to get filthy. If your puppy ends up covered in the dirt now and then, you can choose to hose them down with plain water. You do not have to use shampoo to wash them every time. A simple and quick plain water bath is more than enough.

Medical conditions - Some puppies have certain medical conditions pertaining to allergies and skin, which can cause them to have a different bathing routine. Get in touch with your vet and understand how often you need to bathe your dog in case of a medical condition.

In case of doubt, use your judgment

Even after well-done research, it can still be difficult to finalize your puppyโ€™s bathing routine. In such a case, use your judgment. If your puppy is starting to stink a lot, your puppy probably needs to take a quick bath. Your young puppy needs your help to stay clean and flea-free. Be a proactive pet parent, and have a chat with your vet. Learn about the different grooming products your pet needs. Most importantly, bathe them like you would your child. Also, if the weather is too cold, do not send your wet puppy outside to dry. Towel dry them gently and make sure they are completely dry before letting them venture outside.

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