How Much Exercise Do Senior Dogs Need?

How Much Exercise Do Senior Dogs Need?

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As an animal grows older, the enthusiasm to run and jump or have fun starts declining. Compared to a puppy or a 2 or 3year-old dog, an older dog will have less interest in doing fun activities. As an owner, it becomes your duty to understand your dogโ€™s limit and create an exercise routine that will keep them active and healthy.

Indoor exercises

Exercise for dogs does not necessarily mean they have to go out of the house. There are plenty of ways in which they can stay indoors and still get the right amount of exercise. For ex., make your dog move around the house. The stairs are a great place to get some physical exercise and have your dog move up and down. Additionally, you can set up ramps and small roadblocks around the house that your dog must cross before they can move from one place to the other.

Outdoor exercises

Taking your dog for short walks is the best way to ensure that they get the right amount of exercise. However, donโ€™t overdo it because your dog might end up having a strain in the muscles. Swimming is another great way to exercise the muscles and the chances of getting a cramp or joint pain is reduced. Other exercises include catching Frisbees, fetching balls and running.

Other measures

Weight management is also an important part of staying healthy and along with exercise you must make sure that your dog is fed the right amount of food. The diet should consist of vital nutrients that help with bone growth, immunity, stamina and reduces the chance of contracting diseases.Apart from a healthy diet, adequate amount of sleep is also important for a healthy growth. Make sure your dog gets the required amount of sleep as it grows older. Proper sleep-wake cycles also ensure that your dog stays fit and is able to do at least the minimum amount of exercise that it should do for its age.


The exercise pattern for senior dogs is different than younger dogs because as dogs grow older their strength and stamina keeps decreasing and they get tired easily. There are many indoor and outdoor exercises available for your dog and most of them can be easily done. From brisk walking to catching Frisbees, exercises for senior dogs should include the maximum workout with the least amount of effort. Along with exercise, diet and sleep are also important.

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