How Much Does Your Dog Really Cost?

How Much Does Your Dog Really Cost?

Whether you get your dog from a shelter or a breeder, over time every dog ends up costing different amounts. Veterinarian visits, food, medications, cute toys and vacuum filters can all add up to a pretty penny after a number of years. Althoughย you may be willing to pay any amount for your furry friend, have you ever wondered how much dogs actually cost, and which breeds are the most expensive?The I Love Dogs Site published

a list of the top 10 most expensive dog breeds

on average. This list doesn't just take the initial cost of the dog at the breeder's, but all of the other incidentals that these lovable pals need money for throughout their lives. English Bulldogs were ranked No. 1. The I Love Dogs Site explained that it wasn't the $3,000 cost of a purebred that led to this cute breed's choice atop the list, but rather the health complications English Bulldogs are predisposed to.Whether it's heart issues, hip pain, cancer, eye problems, skin allergies or many other conditions, English Bulldogs can really rack up medical bills for veterinarian visits, procedures and medication over their average 8- to 10-yearย life spans. German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, Chow Chows and Tibetan Mastiffs round out the top five on the I Love Dogs Site, all with high costs related to health conditions, such as gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, eye issues and cancer.

Preventative treatments for your dogย 

When you're responsible for a pet, there are bound toย be a few costs involved, but you may be able to reduce the number of health-related expenses with the help of preventive care.One of the simplest ways to keep your dog feeling healthy and living a long life is to nip problems in the bud with a vaccine. Many communities require vaccines prior to registration, but even if yours doesn't, you should still get your pup inoculated. The American Kennel Club pointed to vaccines for distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis,ย coronavirusย and rabies among others as life-saving.Another preventative treatmentย similar to a vaccine is

pest medication for dogs

. Whether it's topical, wearable or digestible, medications that protect against


, ticks, fleas and other parasites can prevent more serious diseases and illnesses down the line.In addition to these treatments, it's important to stay on top of your dog's health. The AKCย recommended people check various parts of their pooch every so often to make sureย heย looks healthy. Your dog's skin, eyes, ears, mouth, coat and even stool can hold clues to his well-being.

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