How Good is Day Care Boarding for Your Pet?


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Doggy day cares have become overly convenient facilities for dog owners who are often really busy with work or away a lot on business trips that they canโ€™t take they dogs on. Doggy day cares are also great places for dogs to socialize with other dogs and meet new people. But how good are day care boardings for the well-being and safety of your pets?

Do dogs really like going to day care?

The best way to tell whether your pooch likes it at the day care center is to pay attention to his personality. There are certain factors you should pay attention to like whether he likes the company of other dogs, if he likes playing with other dogs, how he feels while heโ€™s playing with these dogs, if he goes to the dog park, if he loves spending time at the dog park, and if heโ€™s active. Not all dogs fit in at a doggie day care. Some dogs like spending time with themselves rather than with other dogs. Yes, dogs can also be introverts.

How safe are doggy day cares?

The safety of a doggy day care depends on that particular facility that youโ€™re looking into. Do some research on whether they have a screening process, if they have trained staff and proper supervision at all times, if the dogs in the facility are ever left unattended, if they have good security measures, if they have non-skid, safe surfaces in the areas where the dogs play, if they have procedures put in place in case of an emergency and what they are etc. If youโ€™re satisfied with all the information you get after your research, then only should you take your dog there.

What is the standard procedure for my dog to be allowed into a doggy day care?

Most doggy day cares do a temperament test before they allow a new dog in. This is done for the safety of both the dogs as well as the people. It also helps determine whether the day care you chose is, in fact, the perfect fit for you and your pooch. Itโ€™s also used as a means to measure and determine your doggyโ€™s personality so that heโ€™s accurately placed into the right play group. These procedures are all set the way they are for a reason.

Whatโ€™s the training that a doggy day care staff member should have?

They should be trained in body language, basic animal care, and stress signals. They should also be aware of the intricacies of communication between dogs. There are lots of things that dogs do that we canโ€™t really decipher. Itโ€™s important to do that the actions which they do are almost always never by accident. The staff members should be aware of this fact.

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