How do you teach your cat to travel with you?


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For frequent travelers, their cat may travel more than themselves. It is not uncommon for airline staff to joke that a cat accumulates more frequent flyer miles than its human master. Kitties who travel often are different than other cats who travel only a few times in their lifetime or none at all. These cats do not create a scene when they are being placed inside a carrier bag. Travel-worn kitties do not make a sound. Some are so silent that the traveler sitting beside you will not even know you have a kitty companion.


If you want your cat to travel with you, it follows that the cat must be a healthy animal. When you two are at home, the apartment must be a comfortable place to live in for both of you. Only if your cat is a content animal then it will travel nicely with you sans any angry meows and clawing.

You love your cat but do not expect everyone to do so. The problem is that such people may actually handle your lovable kitty. One good subject is TSA personnel. They along with other security staff could open up your cat's incredibly comfortable carrier bag. They may hold the cat in their hands and pass the animal through the metal detector. For your cat, the experience could be a traumatic one, with new people and strange machines everywhere. For your kitty, an airport is a terrifying place.

Experience is needed

If you frequently take commercial flights, it is important you acquaint your kitty with transport transit points. To do this, board public transport like buses and trains with your kitty. The experience will help it to comprehend that a trip away from the house may not necessarily be visiting the veterinarian. Do not keep the carrier box locked at all times. The door should be open so that your kitty has a choice of whether to go out or stay in. It is a good idea to microchip your cat so that it can be identified as your property if it gets lost or misplaced.

Get your cat vaccinated and carry the proof with you whenever and wherever you two travel. Your travel kit must also contain a harness, collar complete with ID, and at least one cozy blanket. There must also be a portable food or water bowl along with a rolled up bag for carrying the litter. Do check into pet-friendly hotels only. Do remember that even if your cat is a seasoned traveler, there are times it will be anxious. It is your job to calm it down and make it happy.

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