How Can Your Dog Benefit From DNA Testing?


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We all love our pet paws. That makes us wish we knew more about them. For example, many of us really want to know if our puppy is really a purebred, or who were little Kettleโ€™s mom and dad? Sometimes it is their talents like flawless swimming and fetching that make us wonder about our pupโ€™s lineage. A DNA test can answer all these questions and many more that as a pup owner you should know.This post talks about one of the most important aspects of dog DNA test. We tell you

how your dog can benefit

from a DNA test.

Is your pet paw prone to certain diseases?

Dog DNA tests give us a clear idea into a lot of things, such as how big your dog can grow, what behavioral aspects can you expect, who his actual parents are, and if he is really a purebred as promised. However, there is one factor that is far more important than the above-mentioned factors; the test tells you if your dog is prone to any specific kind of illness.This information can be invaluable as it can help you look out for your dog and also pay attention to certain symptoms that might be representative of the said disease. Early diagnosis can lead to early care and cure.Genetic testing for dogs can help isolate certain genetic mutations that can be found in their DNA. These genetic markers can help scientists know if your dog is pre-disposed to developing any kind of hereditary canine disease. By finding out if they are prone to a certain disease does not mean that they will actually contract it, but it surely helps to know in advance to be prepared and keep a watchful eye.

DNA Tests โ€“ โ€œCanine help you?โ€

DNA tests most definitely can help your dog in staying protected and well-in-care, in advance. Given their ability to identify potential mutations that cause diseases, a DNA test can point out to an increased probability of particular conditions that might be developing sometime in future. Although the test results may not be definitive, they might be representative of certain pre-existing conditions.On the other hand, some DNA tests include certain specific genetic mutations and are more predictive than the rest.A good example will be test for PRA also known as the Progressive Retinal Atrophy. PRA is an irreversible and untreatable genetic condition in dogs that causes blindness. Although it is a condition that can be found in over 100 breeds, it is more likely to occur in some. Early prognosis can help in better treatment.Also, knowing the genetic predisposition of your canine bud can help in knowing if they are allergic to certain kinds of medication and which ones they might respond to better.A dog DNA test is definitely one of the best things you can do for your pup. So go ahead and get one for your dog and know all you ever wanted to know about him.

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