How Can Your Catโ€™s Meowing Indicate A Medical Problem?


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Most of the time, you wonโ€™t have to worry about a thing when your feline friend meows. Certain breeds such as Siamese are more vocal than others. Sometimes your feline friend will start meowing late at night so that you will listen to its demands.Just like every other living being, cats meow to communicate with other cats and humans. If your feline friend regularly meows, then there is no reason for concern as it is normal behavior. However, when they is a change in frequency, type, or intensity of meowing, then you will have to take your feline friend to the vet.

Reasons Behind Excessive Meowing

There are many medical conditions associated with changes in meowing. For example, voice box disease/laryngeal, hypertension, and hyperthyroidism are some conditions which can change the meow of your feline friend. If there is a blockage in the urinary tract, your feline friend will continue to meow loudly, when it is using the litter box.There can be neurological problems when your catโ€™s meowing changes significantly, especially when it is in its senior years. If your feline friend has cognitive dysfunction, it will be confused and stressed. As a result of this, your feline friend will start to meow more than usual.In other words, if your feline friend has a medical condition which is causing it mental or physical discomfort, there will be a change in the way your cat meows.

Pay Close Attention To Cat Sounds

When your feline friend is healthy, it will meow if it wants you to pet it or give more attention. Sometimes your cat will meow so that you open the door for it. However, there will always be some difference when the pitch or tone of the meowing changes. If your cat is suffering from some medical condition or traumatic injuries, then itโ€™s vocalization will change significantly.

When Should You Worry About Meowing?

Just like how dogs bark, cats communicate through meowing. Sometimes, canines tend to bark at the smallest things where others remain quiet. Even your feline friend will have a specific characteristic. However, when your feline friend starts vocalizing when you are handling it or when it jumps on and off objects, it is a sure indicator that something is up.

Keep An Eye Of For Other Illness Signs

If your feline friend is suffering from medical conditions, then there will be other noticeable symptoms. Although it is easy to overlook and subtle, there will be some differences such as a change in appetite, activity, expression, tail, and ears to name a few.These are the ways you know when your catโ€™s meowing indicate a medical problem. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please leave a comment below!

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