How Can You Tell If the Dog Food You Are Buying Is Worth the Money?

How Can You Tell If the Dog Food You Are Buying Is Worth the Money?


There are a wide variety of dog foods available in the market today. Owners can be easily duped into buying food with a โ€œpremiumโ€ label or a cheaper price. Smart owners make the effort to understand what is in their dog's food and if it's actually worth the money. 5 things that every owner must look at are:

  1. Is the food good for your dog?Owners have to understand that their dog's diet is dependent on age, breed, activity levels, allergies and more. Choosing food that is suited for your dog is important as an improper diet can harm your dog. Older dogs, for example, may need specific dog foods to keep them healthy.
  2. Does your dog food have enough nutrients? Dog foods must have variety of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. As long as all of these are present in sufficient quantity and can be absorbed easily, the brand of the pet food does not matter. Another factor to consider is that there must be a balance between the amounts of different vitamins and minerals present. Imbalance in the diet could cause health problems for your pooch.
  3. Did nutritionists design my dog food? To make sure that the criteria in the above point is met; many pet companies hire pet nutritionists to formulate the dog food. These experts have years of experience in the field and can understand the different needs of different dogs. They can also balance out all the ingredients in the food to make it as effective as possible and keep your pet healthy.
  4. Was the food produced with quality controls? Some companies prefer to manufacture their food at their own facilities while others do so in off-site factories. The key is to make sure that adequate quality controls have been followed to ensure that no foreign elements get into your pet's food. Contaminated food could lead to serious health problems. There have been many food recalls lately and experts suggest that using food that has the โ€œmanufactured byโ€ label on it when compared to โ€œdistributed byโ€ or โ€œmanufactured forโ€. The first label indicates that the food was manufactured by the company and increases the likelihood that they have undergone quality checking measures.
  5. Has the dog food undergone feeding trials? Foods that have been studied through trials are proven to provide good nutrition along with safety standards. Feeding trials are usually conducted under strict guidelines to prove their efficiency. Foods that have undergone feeding trials usually have a label indicating it.

To avoid guessing, ask your vet for recommendations in picking the best for your dog.

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