How Can You Prevent Your Cat From Getting Diabetes?

How Can You Prevent Your Cat From Getting Diabetes?

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The statistic is surprising but real: an increasing number of cats now suffer from diabetes. One out of 400 cats now suffers from diabetes. In most cases, the fault is the same: the cats became diabetic as their owners fed them food rich in carbohydrates but have low amounts of protein. Admittedly, a few feline breeds are more susceptible to this disease. To give an example, the Burmese cat is about 3.7 times more prone to suffer from diabetes compared to other breeds.Early signs of diabetes include frequent urination and excessive diet. Your cat will become obese and lethargic. The feline will eat more as its diabetic condition becomes acuter. This is as the body is not capable as before of processing food as it acquires from the diet into fuel. If you believe your cat suffers from diabetes, then it is crucial to treat it. If you do not, then it will lead to a wide range of mortal health conditions. Yes, it is possible to prevent diabetes.

Watch your cat's weight

Similar to humans, obesity is a risk factor in Type 2 diabetes in felines too. About 58 percent of house cats are classified as obese or overweight. That's a lot of ticking time bombs. You may like fat cats, but it may not be enjoyable for the cat. Feed it food as the instructions of your veterinarian. If you give it high-calorie treats, do not feed him dinner or give it less food that day.

Appropriate diet

Your cat is an obligate carnivore. The body is evolved to consume a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Grains are not part of the cat's diet plan. Canned food for cats is formulated in such a way that the best balance is maintained. If you give it cooked food, make sure it is richer in proteins. Consult your veterinarian.

Exercise is vital

An active cat will keep down its weight. It will also reduce the stress levels of the feline. Do play with your cat every day. Other than reducing the chance of obesity, this activity will also strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The feline will be de-stressed and will be much happier.

Regular checkups are a must

This is a hard thing to do as your cat will be unwilling to visit the veterinarian. This, however, must be done a minimum of twice every year. You will know whether the cat has gained weight or lost weight. These are important signs of any potential problem. The money you spent on regular checkups will help you to save large quantities of money later on. Cat illnesses can be expensive to treat.

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