How Can You Make Your Multiple Pets Get Along Well?

How Can You Make Your Multiple Pets Get Along Well?

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Pets are similar to siblings and they may not get along if staying together. This, however, must not discourage you from adopting multiple pets, You can adopt a number of techniques to mesh different species and breeds. According to veterinarians, you should be an assertive owner and pets must understand that you are the decision maker. Pets may not be best friends but they must learn to co-exist without any problems. If you make your pets happy, you will be a happier person as well.

Adding a pet

Bringing a new pet to the house makes the older pets go through three consecutive acceptance levels. The first level involves your old pet being hostile to your new pet. The second level will the old pet being tolerant towards the recently arrived pet. The third level will see the pets bonding with each other. The third stage may or may not happen to your satisfaction.As an owner, you could smoothen the process. Allow your pets to observe the new pet and sniff one another. Do not permit the animals to have physical contact. Continue this for a few days and then permit supervised interaction. Do this only if you think that behavior from both your old and new pets are friendly and calm. Do not allow the new pet to touch the favorite toys of your old pet. Ensure the pets have an easy access to safe retreats like an open crate or a pet crate specifically with a bed. Do not give your new pet complete access to the house.

Different Diets

One pet should not eat from the bowl of another. This is due to the fact that different pets need different nutrition. Food requirements differ among different breeds as well. Health problems will crop up if your dog eats cat food or vice versa. Veterinarians frequently prescribe particular food for specific pets. A diet for an overweight pet must not be given to a pet having chronic stomach problems. The key to making sure that each pet eats exactly what is intended for it is to feed all pets ar the same time. The animals, however, should be out of sight from one another. If your apartment is a small one, a height difference of food will also work. To give an example, give your dog food on the floor and your cat at the top of the cupboard.Your senior dog could have different requirements compared to the younger canine. It is important to take the older animal multiple times to the doctor. For younger pets, the frequency of visiting a veterinarian would be less, but a necessity nevertheless.

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