How Can You Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water?


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Water is one of the essential nutrients every cat needs and it is arguably the most important. That is because water makes up for around 80 percent of every catโ€™s body weight. Even a small water deficit can make a sizable difference to their health, resulting in serious problems like kidney disease. Here are a few handy tips to encourage your cat to consume more water:

  1. Place water bowls around the house โ€“ Location matters more than anything else. You would be surprised to learn how sensitive cats are to the positioning of the water bowl. Even if there is a little bit of foot traffic, it can keep your cat from having his next drink. Make sure that you keep fresh bowls in multiple spots to maximize his comfort.
  2. Consider feeding him wet food โ€“ Diet changes need to be discussed with the veterinarian, but wet food is an excellent way to introduce more liquid into your catโ€™s diet. It is important that your cat eats what he needs instead of what he wants, especially since most of them do not like wet food. So, keeping the dietary preferences of your cat in mind, make sure that he eats enough of his new diet to maintain his weight and energy level.
  3. Add water to his food โ€“ Add a low sodium chicken broth or water to your catโ€™s canned food. You can even discuss other flavor options with your catโ€™s veterinarian. Just ensure that the flavor is a healthy alternative and also appeals to your cat. Every cat is an individual and even the foodโ€™s texture can make a big difference.
  4. Add flavor to his water โ€“ Consider adding clam juice ice cubes or low sodium tuna to your catโ€™s water. The ice will keep the water cold and add a tasty flavor. Alternatively, you can also give flavored ice cubes for your cat to nibble on and play around with.
  5. Drinking fountains โ€“ A drinking fountain is not only a fun way to goad your cat to drink more water, they also make a very appealing addition to your home.
  6. Try different bowls โ€“ Your cat probably does not like sharing your dogโ€™s giant bowl. The only way to figure out your catโ€™s preferences is by using different bowls at different times. Better yet, put out many bowls at the same time and see which one he drains out the fastest.
  7. Encourage his drinking quirks โ€“ Many indoor cats tend to embrace unconventional methods of drinking water. For instance, a lot of them prefer drinking from leaky faucets than a water bowl. If you notice your cat displaying this behavior, then let him have a few drops before you turn off the faucet.
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