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When you are feeling out of sorts, you may find that the perfect treatment for your ailment is already there in your kitchen. But did you know that you can also treat your dog using simple home remedies? Here are a few great natural cures to make your dog healthy and happy again:

  1. Vitamin E โ€“ This is good for preventing the age lines on the face and it is also great for dry skin. You can massage your dog's skin with vitamin E oil, draw him a bath with vitamin E in the water, or give him a pill. If you are going to administer it orally, talk to the vet about the recommended dosage.
  2. Electrolytes โ€“ Sports drinks are not only meant to help athletes in replenishing their bodily fluids, they can also replace the electrolytes in your sick dog's body after a bout of vomiting or diarrhea. Consult the vet on the correct dosage amounts before you give it to your dog.
  3. Plain yogurt โ€“ The acidophilus bacteria found in yogurt is good for maintaining the intestinal balance in your dog's gut and knock out the bad bacteria. If your pup is on antibiotics for an infection, yogurt can also help in keeping yeast infections away. Puppies especially are vulnerable to yeast infections. Plain yogurt can help the intestinal system in building immunity.
  4. Chamomile tea โ€“ Chamomile plant is a natural disinfectant and is great for upset tummies. It is usually recommended for gas, colic and anxiety. It also alleviates minor irritations to the skin. Just cool it in the fridge and spray it on the affected area of the skin. You will notice that your dog feels a soothing effect as the yeast and bacteria on the the skin are killed by the tea. You can also use a warm tea bag for soothing irritated or infected eyes.
  5. Oatmeal โ€“ Finely powdered oatmeal is a great remedy for itchy and irritated skin. You can grind it in a food processor and stir it into a warm water bath, and let your dog soak in it. Dogs with infections, skin allergies, and other conditions that cause itchiness respond very well to this treatment.
  6. Epsom salt โ€“ Dogs tend to suffer from unexplained wounds and swelling. You can treat this ailment with an epsom salt soak and a heat pack the next time. A bath with warm water and epsom salt helps in reducing the healing time and swelling, especially when you combine it with veterinary supervision and prescribed antibiotics.
  7. Borax powder โ€“ If you dog has fleas, Borax powder works wonders by poking holes in the exoskeletons of the fleas. Sprinkle some borax n the floor, and then vacuum or sweep up the excess. The borax crystals will kill the fleas without you having to even lift a finger. It is non-toxic and inexpensive compared to hiring the services of an exterminator.
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