Holiday plans that are utterly unsuitable for dogs


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Holidays are a time of fun and festivities. For dog lovers and their pets alike, this also means more time spent in each otherโ€™s company! To avoid unnecessary hiccups and to make this joyful occasion even happier, it is crucial to chart out a dog-friendly vacation plan. Here are some things to avoid while doing so:

  1. Long and unplanned tripsFor traveling with dogs, doing proper homework while making a travel plan is absolutely necessary. It wonโ€™t do to have a road trip without planning for safe food and toilet breaks. Proper harness is required for securing Fido safely to his seat. Flying to the holiday destination requires another set of precautions. The airlines would have their set of rules and regulations for transporting a pet, which if not followed, would put both the dogs and their owners in a sticky spot.The next important part of holiday planning is arranging the accommodation and scheduling the activities. If the hotel is not pet-friendly or there are activities where pet participation is not allowed, Fido would be far better off staying at home with a dog-sitter or in a dog kennel till the owner gets back.
  2. Climates vastly different from what Fido is used toIt wonโ€™t do to take Fido to a holiday destination that he wouldnโ€™t enjoy. Travel, by itself would be stressful on any pet. Add to it a climate too hot or humid for the dogโ€™s breed, there are high chances of his falling ill. If medical attention or medication is unavailable at this point, the situation can spiral out of control.
  3. Noisy partiesA dogโ€™s senses are far sharper than a humanโ€™s. It would be cruelty to inflict upon dogs the noise of a loud party, especially if there are fireworks involved. Some dogs may not be comfortable with crowds either. If the pet owner plans to attend any such event, the dogs must be given a safe, noise proof room of their own so that they feel safe and comfortable.
  4. Holiday decorations or food that might harm FidoSeveral things that are normal for humans are toxic to dogs. Some holiday decorations such as tinsel, potpourri, mistletoe and holly, confetti, and even the water beneath a Christmas tree can be dangerous to dogs if they ingest them. The same goes for food items containing xylitol, chocolate, alcohol, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes. Dog owners should also be wary of candles and electric lights placed at locations where the dogs can knock them over and get injured in the process.In short, if our furry friend is taking part in the holiday festivities, it is our responsibility to ensure that they have a safe and happy holiday as well.
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