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So, the holidays are here and youโ€™re busy shopping for your friends and family. But what about your cat? Doesnโ€™t your feline friend deserve a new toy/bed/treat too? Cats are as much a part of a cat ownerโ€™s family as their human family. Sure, they may not understand what holidays are. However, this does not have to mean that they cannot enjoy the occasional gift. Below we have compiled the choicest of gift ideas to gift your cats this holiday. Here, take a look-

Holiday gifts for cats
  • A cat cave โ€“ Cats love naptime. So, why not gift your cat with a place where they can snuggle up and dream about chasing all the mice they want? It is warm, dark and cozy inside and just perfect for your cat to lounge around in.
  • An edible chew toy โ€“ Whatโ€™s holiday season without a gingerbread man? Use soft felt fabric that wonโ€™t harm your kittyโ€™s teeth and fill up the insides with a cat treat. Your cat is sure to have a gala time playing around with it.
  • A scratching post โ€“ Cats scratch. Itโ€™s no secret. Instead of going around cat-proofing your furniture this holiday season, go and buy your cat a scratching post. It will save your furniture from possible destruction and also keep your cat occupied and content for hours.
  • A cardboard hangout zone โ€“ If your cat finds odd places to hang about in, it will love a cardboard manor. Who said your holiday gift had to be expensive? Throw in a few pillows and watch your cat make itself comfortable. You can toss the pillows out during summer and climate control this box to make your cat settle better.
  • A toy โ€“ Thereโ€™s no better gift for a cat than a toy. Maybe, a threadball or perhaps some mice models โ€“ the options are endless. Brownie points if this toy provides an area to scratch too. It will work as an extra safeguard against your furniture.
  • Pet Paw Balm โ€“ Your kittenโ€™s paws will get cracked and dry, same as yours, in cold weather. So buy them a pet paw balm to keep their feet moisturized, so they can play to their heartโ€™s content.
  • Cat Treats โ€“ Make your cats a batch of homemade treats. What, afterall, is the holidays without some homemade goodies to munch on. Why should your cat receive any different?

Buying your cat a gift for the holidays doesnโ€™t have to be an expensive affair. Many of these gift ideas can be easily made at home, for next to nothing. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your kitty with a wonderful holiday gift!

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