Hereโ€™s why and how you should Thank Your Vet


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As a pet parent, you have probably made multiple trips to the vet whether it is for a routine health check, injury or for illness. Your vet has been instrumental in keeping your pet healthy and happy, while giving you professional advice on how best to care for your pet.

Why should you thank your vet?

Here are some of the amazing things your vet does and why you should thank him or her:

Your vet knows what is best for your pet: Your vet and the vetโ€™s team are always making decisions that are in your petโ€™s best interests and achieve optimum outcomes.

Your vet is patient with your scared pet: While many pets are scared, hostile or indifferent during a visit to the pet clinic, your vet patiently with all kinds of pets ranging from difficult to manage to seriously ill.

Your vet spares you from being the bad guy: Your vet is the one who is doing all the tough, unpleasant tasks including clipping the nails, cleaning the ears and administering vaccines or other shots โ€“ which means you get to be the good guy always!

Your vet is dealing with all types of body fluids: It is not easy to deal with on a daily basis, a dog, cat or any other animalโ€™s feces, blood, urine, sweat, drool, spit or anal glands. Despite the unpleasantness, your vet and his or her team continue to do an excellent job of ensuring your pet stays healthy and happy.

Your vet has no defined working hours: Emergencies, complicated surgeries or house visits are some things that your vet deals with on a regular basis. Instead of a 9 to 5 job, your vet arrives early to prepare for surgeries, do write-ups while staying late to make time for last minute urgent appointments.

Your vet showers your pet with love, care and attention: While it may not be possible for you to be with your pet who is being treated at the clinic, your vet will spare no effort to ensure your pet gets all the loving attention and care.

Many ways of saying โ€œThank youโ€

There are many ways to thank your vet and his or her team for the amazing work they do, day in and day out. Here are some ideas that are worth exploring:

  • Write a beautiful thank you note and post it/share it on social media
  • Contribute to a cause your pet clinic is promoting
  • Make a donation to the clinic
  • Bake some treats and hand them over to the vetโ€™s team
  • Gift some freshly brewed coffee
  • Bright flowers or chocolates are great for saying thank you
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