Hereโ€™s what you might be doing wrong while training your feline


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Cats are the animal equivalent of teenagers. They have a fierce sense of independence. Cats want space and another place to brood. It is thus harder to train cats compared to dogs. The good news is that they can be trained. Post-training, the cat may actually sit on your lap when you want it to or stop scratching your favorite sofa.Be realistic from the beginning. Your cat will not kowtow to your every command. They do not want to showcase their skills in front of anyone, let alone your friends. If you think your cat has really bad behavior, then take her to the veterinarian. There could be underlying physical issues.

Clicker training

If your cat has an attitude problem, then you may look into clicker training. These techniques are made on scientific principles where positive behavior is encouraged and reinforced with clicking sound. A clicker is used as it conveys only one meaning. Your voice to the cat brings multiple meanings. Training with a clicker could be time-consuming, but it is an excellent investment.You could also offer treats to your cat to make it learn new tricks. This is similar to humans when parents treat children so that they complete their homework within the correct time period. Reinforcing positive behaviors with treat works wonders. Whatever you do, it is not a good practice to punish your cat. Punitive behavior does not help. The worst outcome in such a case is that your cat will be afraid of you, leading to a greater number of obstacles in the future. If you get frustrated, pause for a few minutes and start again.

Litterbox and scratchers

Litterbox training is vital both for your cat and also for yourself. If you are lucky, your cat will walk outside to do its thing, but most cats are too lazy to walk out of the house. It is important to familiarize them with the all-important litterbox. Your cat could be surprised when it first sees this particular piece of equipment. It is your job to familiarize your cat with its new litter box. If your cat continues to poop outside the box, place its feces inside it. This will make your cat understand as to why this box was presented to him in the first place. Cats are hygienic creatures and thus will pick up the new habit fairly quickly.It is a good idea to spend money on cat scratchers. Buy as much as you can. They are required as your cat may scratch up everything under the sun and ruin your carefully decorated furniture. Offer your lovable fluff something it can scratch. Both of you will be happy. The cat will scratch away happily and you can enjoy seeing it doing that.

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