Hereโ€™s the Checklist for Evaluating Pet Food Options

Hereโ€™s the Checklist for Evaluating Pet Food Options

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One of the keys to ensuring your four-legged friend has a long and healthy life is to feed it high-quality meals. These days, due to the expansion of the commercial pet food industry, it is crucial you know what you are giving your furry companion.

When you go to a local supermarket, you will come across pet food from a variety of manufacturers. Similarly, the list of ingredients they use differs in every brand. The best way to make sure your pet receives the right food is to evaluate all the available options. Given below is a simple checklist which will ensure your furry friend gets all the necessary nutrients from commercial pet food:

Check the reputation of the brand

It is a profitable business for companies to make pet food, as there are millions of four-legged companions in households all over the country. Once owners find out their furry animals love a specific brand, they may never switch to another firmโ€™s products.

However, not every company is the same, as they use different types of ingredients in pet food. The best way to know which one is good for your furry friend is to do your research. If the company has been in the market for a long time, there is a reason why they remain relevant even today.

Find out if the pet food manufacturer conducted trials

The company whose pet food you choose should hold feeding trials, to see if it is appropriate for specific pets. Will you purchase a product, if the firm only tells you that it is safe without any testing? Not only will you avoid it, but you will also make sure your family and friends know about it.

The same applies when it comes to pet food, so you need to make sure it follows AAFCO procedures. If it does so, it means that the company followed the necessary protocols set by this organization for testing its diet. It is a relevant standard, which helps you differentiate the best of the lot.

Presence of veterinarians and strict quality control

When there are veterinarians in the company, it shows that the manufacturer is taking nutrition seriously. Only these professionals know what type of diet is right for the wellbeing of pets.

Similarly, the food should have gone through multiple quality control checks. The reason is that it ensures that the manufacturer follows the industry standard to keep contaminants out of their products.

Zero unproven claims

A common marketing technique among pet food companies is to display various applications on their products. The reason is that it captures your eye, increasing the chances of you purchasing it.

However, you shouldn't just believe the claims to be valid. You must check if the company provided information on how it made a specific statement. If you don't find any verification for the claim, you should avoid this pet food manufacturer. Make sure you follow this checklist before purchasing pet food from a local supermarket!

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