Hereโ€™s how to have a safe and fun Thanksgiving with your dog

Hereโ€™s how to have a safe and fun Thanksgiving with your dog

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Thanksgiving can be a stressful time, what with cooking the turkey just right to entertaining a more than usual number of house-guests. It can be easy to overlook your petโ€™s needs what with all of these other things demanding your attention. However, in order to prevent any untoward incident involving your pet, it is necessary that you keep an eye out for your dog. Make sure he/she doesnโ€™t swallow any food i.e. harmful for them or get too worked up about all of these new people crowding your house. Here, we share some tips and suggestions on how to have a fun Thanksgiving with your dog โ€“

  • Play with him โ€“ Take him out for a walk, play fetch, spend his energy somehow. A tired dog is calm and peaceful. He/she wonโ€™t be much trouble for your guests.
  • Keep his water bowl full โ€“ Make sure your dog is hydrated. Check the level of water in his bowl and refill it from time to time. If there are other dogs slated to come over, set up multiple hydrating stations so none of them run out of water to drink.
  • Donโ€™t feed him Thanksgiving food โ€“ You may be tempted to share scraps from your plate with your four-legged buddy, donโ€™t. Your dogs stomach is not equipped to digest your Thanksgiving turkey well. It will only lead to gastrointestinal complications for him/her.
  • Try to keep him relaxed โ€“ Dogs can develop constipation due to all the holiday stress. Travelling magnifies this. So if you donโ€™t absolutely have to drive your dog with you to your relatives, leave them at home. If your dog is not fond of strangers, let him be by himself and donโ€™t force him to interact with your guests. Also, keep your own stress level down. Your mood can affect your canineโ€™s mood. If youโ€™re stressed out, they will be too.
  • Keep your dog safe โ€“ With your guests constantly coming in and out the door, it might be a good idea to secure your dog in his space. He may decide to slip out unsuspected and get hit by traffic. Most dog-related incidents during Thanksgiving involve road accidents which occur when dogs escape their homes.
  • Keep your Thanksgiving meal refuse out of your trash bins โ€“ Your dog may reach it and find him/herself leftover turkey bone to chew on. It may splinter/puncture their digestive tract.

Sure, Thanksgiving is a busy time. However, donโ€™t neglect your dog. Make sure he feels safe and comforted. Keep away food i.e. poisonous for him and allow him space to retreat to if he feels overwhelmed. Follow these steps and youโ€™re sure to have a happy thanksgiving!

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