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Veganism in recent times has caught on like a fire in a stack of hay. Apart from being the most humane diet, there is no arguing with the health benefits of going vegan, but when is the last time you thought of veganism, not for humans, but for your dog? Yes, vegan diets for dogs have been gaining much popularity amongst pet owners all over the world. It may sound strange, but it has remarkable proven health benefits for your pooch.

Why turn your pooch plant-based?
A large number of people chose veganism for their dogs, based on the same reason they decide veganism for themselves; ethical and environmental concerns that occur due to the consumption of meat. Although, this is not the only reason. Oftentimes, veterinarians prescribe a plant-based diet for dogs due to several health conditions and food allergies as some of the most commonly reported food allergies in dogs are from beef, dairy, chicken and eggs.

plant-based diets are naturally anti-inflammatory, which is highly recommended for dogs with arthritis and chronic joint pain. The simple switch to plant-based can serve as a natural pain killer, and these dogs usually experience better mobility and flexibility. Vegan diets are much easier to digest than meat-based diets, as meat has acidic and inflammatory effects on the body. It is common to see meat-eating dogs suffer from digestive issues such as gas and constipation. Veganism can add years to your pooch's life and also help control his weight as vegan foods are easier to digest.

Every dog loses the fun and playful energy it had as a puppy, but with a vegan diet, your pooch can regain this energy due to the clean and readily available quick access energy vegan diets bring to the table, this in-turn allows them to live a much healthier and superior quality of life.

Great vegan foods to feed your beloved pooch

Turning your dog plant-based is an extremely simple task, due to the vast number of conscious eaters and brands that focus on veganism for dogs. You can purchase doggy treats, and even vegan dog food from most pet stores these days. If you do not have this luxury, don't worry, whipping up delicious home-made meals for your pooch is another great idea, though you must be well aware and educated on what your dog can and cannot consume. Here are a few doggy-friendly vegan meals:

  1. Chickpea Stew. This is a great, flavorsome dish that you and your pooch can enjoy together.
  2. Lentil and barely loaf, A vegan-pooch classic.
  3. Rice-millet vegetable dish, my personal favorite.
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