Here Is Why Your Dog Could Be Peeing On Your Bed


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The most annoying thing about being a dog owner is that sometimes you have to deal with your dog urinating inside the house. It is always a big mess to clean up and it takes quite a while to get rid of the smell. It is especially irritating and distasteful when he decides to pee on your bed. Itโ€™s a hassle to clean the sheets and the mattress as well as getting rid of that terrible smell. So whatโ€™s the reason behind this terrible behavior and how can you stop it?

  1. It Smells Like You.The number one reason behind this sort of behavior is the same reason your dog chews on your dirty socks or underwear โ€“ because it smells like you. Your dog is inadvertently trying to hide his smell in yours. There isnโ€™t really a better place for a dog to hide his smell in than an overly absorbent mattress. By peeing on your bed, your dog is making himself feel less exposed and vulnerable.
  1. Heโ€™s Afraid.He may use urinating in your bed as a coping mechanism to comfort himself after an upsetting incident. If he pees on your bed after youโ€™ve left him alone for a long period of time or he has been recently scolded, that usually means that heโ€™s doing it out of fear instead of spite. Rest assured, heโ€™s not peeing on your bed as a payback to you scolding him.
  1. Your Dog Might Have A Medical Condition.Although this might be the last thought that crosses your mind when you come home to a smelly mattress, peeing on your bed might actually be an indication of an underlying condition that heโ€™s suffering from. So itโ€™s also important to bring up the peeing incident when you go to the vet. He might be suffering from a UTI, canine diabetes, or incontinence.
  1. Your Dog Has A Really Submissive Nature.Dogs that are overly submissive tend to urinate as a sign of submission. It can cause a big headache for pet owners as these dogs can urinate when theyโ€™re afraid, or sad, or happy, or excited, or for no particular reason at all other than to show you his will to submit to you.
Methods Of Prevention
  1. Donโ€™t let him near the bed.Make it clear to him that the bed is off-limits. He wonโ€™t be able to pee on your bed if he isnโ€™t granted access to your bed. Keep the bedroom door closed in order to send a clear message.
  1. Consider CratingIf you donโ€™t have much success at restricting him from your bed, then consider using a crate for the times when youโ€™re not able to watch him. The crate will help him refrain from peeing on your bed, and also reinforce his potty training.
  1. Take An Obedience Class.Taking an obedience class with your dog strengthens your bond and reinforces the communication skills between you. Better communication skills can help him understand you better when you tell him to go outside to do his business.
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