Here is How Pets Boost Your Health


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Itโ€™s great to have a pet at home. Theyโ€™re fun to play with and looking at their smiley faces after a tough day at work can make you forget all your worries. However, their benefits donโ€™t just end there. They do so much more for us. For instance, so many dogs serve as seeing-eye dogs for blind people. Some dogs are trained to even detect seizures or offer therapy for various conditions.At the end of the day, pets are like the best companions we could ask for. Now, science tells us that they have a direct impact on our healthHumans and animals share a certain bond and this bond seems to have a very positive impact on human health. Of course, thereโ€™s still a lot more to study and understand. Even so, it has been found through certain studies that having pets boosts the health of the pet owner.Here are a few examples.

Physical health

It has been observed that animals, as companions, can positively impact the health of your heart by regulating your heart rate and reducing blood pressure. This is especially true in stressful scenarios.In a study conducted in 2002, researchers observed changes in blood pressure and heart rate among cat and dog owners. They compared the results with those of people who did not own any pets. It was found that pet-owners, when under stress, had lower blood pressure levels and a lower resting heart rate than those who did not own pets. The pet-owners were also likely to have fewer spikes in their blood pressure levels and heart rate during stressful scenarios. In fact, they even recovered faster from a raised heart rate or blood pressure levels.To create a stressful scenario, the participants were asked to perform a math related task. So, it was also found that pet owners made fewer errors compared to those who did not own pets.In a similar study, it was found that having a dog was more effective in lowering blood pressure compared to an actual medication for hypertension known as an ACE inhibitor.There are several other studies that show how even stroking a pet can bring down blood pressure levels.

Pain reduction

It was found that people who suffer from pain caused conditions such as migraines or arthritis were in need of fewer pain medications.A study conducted by Loyola University found that patients, who had undergone joint replacement surgery, required only half the normal amount of post-operative pain medications after they interacted with therapy dogs.Another study conducted at a pain clinic in Pittsburgh found that patients suffering from fibromyalgia experienced less stress, fatigue and pain after interacting with dogs for just 15 minutes before their appointment.For your pet to boost your health, it is first important for your pet to be healthy and happy. Make sure you feed your pet

nutritious food

and get them regularly checked by a vet.

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