Here are Surprising Facts about Black Cats you probably didn't Know


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Superstitions and religious beliefs have caused a lot of trouble for black cats. Today, these harmless beauties are associated with bad luck, witchcraft, horrors, and Halloween. Thanks to these beliefs, black cats are the most commonly abandoned or overlooked animals at shelters.Although marred by these notions, black cats are awesome creatures. They make great pets, just like cats of any other color. Here are some facts about black cats that will surprise you.

  1. There are at least 22 registered breeds of black cats. Felines of other colors do not come in these many breeds. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some have gray-colored coats while others have dark brown-black fur. If you pay more attention to a black cat, youโ€™ll notice that thereโ€™s more to them than just the color of their fur.
  2. While lots of people consider black cats as the harbinger of bad luck, they are revered in many countries. In Japan and Britain, black cats are considered lucky and are thought to be the bringer of prosperity and good fortune. Sailors would often travel with black cats as they believed these felines would protect their ships.
  3. The origin of black cats and their association with bad luck can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Unmarried women and ladies who lived alone who often cared for and fed stray cats were wrongly believed to be witches and the cats became their conspirators, especially the black ones. They were later shunned as bad omens.
  4. The most common eye colors among black cats are green, golden, and yellow. These bright colors are caused by the high amounts of melanin pigment in their bodies.
  5. As black cats grow older, their fur changes color to varying shades of gray or brow. This phenomenon is known as rusting. This commonly happens if the black cat enjoys lazing around in the sun too much.
  6. In the English Midlands, it signifies good luck if you present a bride with a black cat.
  7. In Japan, single ladies would keep black cats as pets because they were believed to bring in potential suitors.
  8. August 17th is celebrated as Black Cat Appreciation Day.
  9. Black cats make great pets. They can be of pleasant demeanor and get along well with other pets and children.
  10. The best part about having a black cat as a pet is that you would never notice their fur on your furniture or decor.
  11. Black cats are small-sized panthers. They have the confidence of a big cat.
  12. Some researchers believe that black cats have certain genetic mutations that may offer them protection from some diseases.

If you are looking to adopt a loving pet, do not overlook black cats at your local shelter. These cats make great pets and even better companions.

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