Here are Dog Care Tips to Follow to Beat the Summer Heat

Here are Dog Care Tips to Follow to Beat the Summer Heat

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Our dogs deserve the ultimate care package. They love us, protect us, and are loyal to the teeth. The least we can do for them is take good care of them. Most dog owners are already following this principle quite religiously. But did you know that the good old summer can also pose some dangers to your beloved pet? So here are some tips you can add to your pet care handbook to help your dog beat the heat this summer and stay safe.

  1. Never choose noon or midday as a time to exercise your dog.When youโ€™re exercising your dog, do it either early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not as brutal. As humans, the summer can be a pretty brutal time for us. Now imagine if you had fur all over your body. Dogs also donโ€™t have as many sweat glands as we do so keeping them cool is a challenge. The best thing we can do in terms of exercise is to just do it either in the morning or at night. Also back of on the intensity. Your dog might not be able to take the heat.
  2. Carefully monitor your dog for sings that he might be dehydrated.Dehydration is no joke. Dogs cool themselves by panting. If your dog is overheated, youโ€™ll notice that heโ€™s drooling excessively. This is a sign that heโ€™s dehydrated. He might even become lethargic, and develop bloodshot eyes.
  3. Always make sure you keep him hydrated.The summer can just suck up any and all moisture present in your body. Similar to how dark colors absorb more heat than light colors do in clothing, the color of your dogโ€™s coat also matters. If your dog has a dark coat, thereโ€™s a good chance that heโ€™s feeling constantly overheated. When you take your dog for a walk, remember to take a bottle along with you. Obese and overweight dogs are also at a higher risk of getting easily dehydrated.
  4. Let him roam free with his digging habits.Itโ€™s understandably frustrating when your dog digs up your carefully planted garden. To prevent hits happening, find a shady place for him to go wild in and get him digging. Different dogs dig for different purposes. They dig to give birth, to find food, to hide, and of course, to keep themselves cool. Allow them this by allocating a spot especially for this purpose.
  5. Take him swimming.Most dogs love the water. If you want to get a quick work out in, instead of taking him for a walk or playing a game of fetch, take him for a good swim. Not only will he thoroughly enjoy the whole activity, but it could also serve as an excellent bonding experience.
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