Here are Dog Breeds that Are Prone to Obesity


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Obesity is a serious problem all over the world. Not just for humans as you might think, but also for our beloved pets. Obesity can have a lot of dire health consequences for your pet. There are some dog breeds that are more prone to obesity than others. Some of the things that add to your dog being obese is an imbalanced diet and the inability to get the right amount of exercise for his height and build. So if youโ€™re planning to adopt a dog, itโ€™s important to know his predisposing conditions and how you can take care of him accordingly.

  1. PugsPugs have a really strong tendency to withstand exercise. Pugs have a lot of difficulty breathing because of their flat faces. Although their flat faces are usually what we find most adorable about them, these faces can also subject them to difficulty breathing while exercising. And thatโ€™s why theyโ€™re so hesitant to go for a walk or play fetch. Monitor his diet to prevent obesity.
  2. DachshundsDachshunds have bodies that are disproportionate to their legs. Their bodies can support their abdomens but it puts pressure on their tiny legs. Especially if heโ€™s obese. There are other spinal conditions that can become severe by the added weight. Monitor his diet closely to prevent this from happening.
  3. Labrador retrieversAlthough these dogs are one pf the breeds that are the most likely to become obese, their strong build allows them to handle lots of exercise. Feed him properly and exercise him on a daily basis.
  4. Scottish terriersThese adorable dogs are more prone to hypothyroidism. This leads them to gain more weight, and develop other medical conditions. Scottish terriers are perfectly capable of exercising. Exercise them well and if you have any further questions, direct them to your vet.
  5. Basset houndsAlthough these dogs have no trouble staying thin through a moderate dry food diet and adequate exercise, they can gain weight quickly if you take your eyes off of them. He enjoys good food and is one of the laziest dog breeds out there. Although their puppy dog eyes are hard to resist, be sure to exercise him daily for his own good.
  6. BeaglesThese charming dogs are also at risk of gaining weight really quickly. The key is to find a balance between exercise and diet. An added bonus is that they love to exercise and play so you can lose the weight rather quickly through proper exercise.
  7. Rough colliesThese are remarkably vigilant and agile dogs. Never overfeed your collie no matter how tempting it is. Although they can stay thin, they also put on weight easily. You can exercise them twice a day as a remedy. They love to play and are naturally energetic creatures.

Other dogs prone to obesity are English bulldogs, German shepherds, boxers, and bulldogs.

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