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Maintaining the health of a pet dog requires timely meals, regular exercise, sufficient play time and attention and routine grooming. Grooming is often regarded as one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a dog. There are a lot of aspects to grooming and every part of the dogโ€™s body must be given attention. Grooming a dog however has numerous benefits such as

  • Removal of dead hair and redistribution of natural oils which keeps the coat and skin healthy
  • Reveals any kind of unnatural bumps or lumps which could be signs of major medical issues. Also reveals any kind of patches or parasites like ticks and fleas.
  • It improves the blood circulation of the dog
  • Helps in reducing stress and blood pressure in your pet.

There are numerous activities involved in grooming such as clipping of nails, bathing, combing of fur and checking for pests. All of these activities take time and the pet is needlessly agitated every time. In order to retain the freshness that is offered just after a grooming session, there are special kinds of herbal collars available that dogs can wear for a variety of purposes.

Uses of Herbal Collars

Herbal collars are made from natural herbs and come imbued with oils that provide a variety of advantages. One of the most popular kinds of collars is calming collars that contain natural calming herbs. They help the dog during bouts of hyper-activity or anxiety, excessive barking, fears due to loud noises and separation anxiety among others.

There are also herbal collars with special oils available that act as natural pest resistant and keep various kinds of pests such as ticks and fleas away. Added to that, they keep the coat fresh and soft for long durations of time. These collars are all made from soft fabric and are comfortable to wear. They are available in almost all sizes. Before using a herbal collar it is advised to check the contents of the collar and ensure that the dog is not allergic to any of the mentioned substances. These collars usually come in very bright colors with Velcro closing or tightening. These adjustable collars are available not only for dogs but for cats as well.

Fle and tick collars are one of the easiest and hassle-free ways of keeping a dog healthy and free from any kind of pests. The owner of the dog doesnโ€™t need to check for fleas on a daily basis or even comb regularly for that matter. These collars keep the fur coat naturally free from pests and maintain its health and natural softness. Such collars are effective in maintaining the benefits of proper grooming for long durations of time.

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