Help Your Pet Dog Get Over Noise Phobia

Help Your Pet Dog Get Over Noise Phobia

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Thunderstorms, fireworks loud garbage trucks, these are just some things that put dogs over the edge. Sometimes, this noise phobia may escalate into a pathologic noise phobia wherein pets associate any noise that is faintly loud with fireworks and thunderstorms. Of course, your dog may be predisposed to noise phobia reactions if other dogs in the lineage showed a similar reaction. Either way, let us take a look at some tips that you can use to help your dog overcome noise phobia.

Behavior modification

Avoid petting or comforting your dog when they are scared. This only helps reinforce the behavior in your pets; it's almost as if you are rewarding them with affection and cuddles because they are scared. Often dogs experience noise phobia at a young age, and the impact changes how they perceive noise even years down the line. You want to use behavior modification techniques to change their perception of loud noises. What some pet owners do is that they get their dogs accustomed to loud noises, by gradually introducing them to loud noise in incremental levels. Start by introducing them to a noise that they are intimidated by, at a low level. The idea is to get your dog used to the noise, so they do not grow stressed every time they hear it. When your dog is not intimidated by the noises or showing anxious reactions, you can step up the level. Make sure you reward your pet for displaying a calm and composed behavior.

Calming spaces

If your dog does not show any improvement with the behavior modification techniques, the best thing that you can do is to provide a safe comforting place for them to withdraw to when they are scared. It could be a cozy corner of a room, or under the bed in your house. You can even place your pet's favorite treats/toys in the corner, so they have something to distract themselves.While it is not a bad idea to play some other noise to distract your dog from the fear, it may end up worsening the condition if you play a loud track with hopes of drowning out the other noise. Try playing a soothing calm track instead even if it is only faintly audible over the other noise.

Consult your vet

Some pet owners use

prescription anxiety medications

to bring their pets' anxiety under control. You can consult your local vet if you think that your pet needs medications to get over his noise phobia. Some even use anxiety wraps which work by applying lateral pressure on the pets, thereby comforting them. Pheromone releasing collars can also make your dog feel calm and reassured.

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