Happy New Year Articles That Can Change Your Pet's Year


Welcome to 2013! We survived the end of the Mayan calendar and maybe a bit too much champagne last night. Happy New Year! PetCareRx plans on making 2013 a year to remember for your pets and your family.We may all be sleeping in today, eating leftover party snacks and letting Fido hop into bed with us while we catch up on sleep. Nonetheless, it shouldnโ€™t be an indication that we arenโ€™t serious about starting and maintaining the best habits for our pets.In the interest of a great 2013, PetCareRx has some great articles to help you be the best pet parent you can be.Are you all about embracing the environment in 2013? Thatโ€™s great โ€“ everyone can do their part. Check out a list of

7 Essential Eco Friendly Pet Products

.If exercise is your big resolution, donโ€™t leave your dog behind. We break down

7 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog in Cold Weather

.If youโ€™ve been meaning to start a new healthy regimen with your dog, whether that be a new joint supplement, ideas on the best dental care, or finally shedding a few of those pounds, weโ€™ve got the right article for you.

Joint Health Products: Treating Cats and Dogs with Arthritis19 Products That Clean Cat and Dog Teeth Cat and Dog Weight Loss: The Right Nutrition

Once again, hereโ€™s wishing you and your pets a healthy and happy 2013!

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