Handling and Training a Doberman

Handling and Training a Doberman

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Safety should be paramount when you train a Doberman. These dogs are big and powerful. They are bred to protect. Dobermans are intelligent and fearless. If given proper training at an early age, these dogs can be social and confidently and at ease, among others. The dogs make ideal family members.

Martingale collar

Dobermans are known to escape from their collars. Use a good martingale collar to prevent such an incident from happening. This particular collar is made of two conjoined nylon loops. It is known to be unslippable and also called a "greyhound collar." The restricted slip action tightens the circumference to the exact size of your dog's collar but does not choke or restrict it in any way. No damage is caused. If you prevent the Doberman from escaping, you not only keep the animal safe but also protect yourself from any future liability. It will also not fall into any trouble.

The Doberman should be on a leash at all times when outside the house. If you are not present in the house, the dog should be on a leash even inside the home. In short, a lonely Doberman must be secured in even safe, enclosed areas. The dog must not be allowed to put itself in any position where it can find and cause trouble. It is important that the dog be recalled without much difficulty. The lead must be a well-crafted and sturdy one. Leather is strong and easy on the hands. It is sold in most pet shops.

Wearing a muzzle

You must condition your Doberman to wear a basket muzzle. This is a must even if your dog is not of an aggressive nature. Assist the dog to become comfortable wearing a muzzle. The first time may induce panic and unease in the animal. Wrap muzzle in plastic wrap, so the food does not drop off and feed the Doberman twice a week after wearing the muzzle. Extend the muzzle wearing time from a few minutes to a couple of hours after a few days. Do this in increments. Feed the dog food through the wires so that your Doberman makes a positive association with the muzzle.ย  To sum it up, you need four things to train your Doberman: martingale collar, leash, treats, and basket muzzle.

It is a good idea to include your Doberman in a dog group class. Start with an obedience class and then progress to tricks, agility, weight pull, rally, or preparing for a competition. Dobermans like the company of humans and they work hard to gain favor from us. Enrolling your Doberman in a group class also makes you more confident of your dog handling skills. You and your dog both will swiftly learn how to keep both mentally and physically active.

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