Hairless dogs, clothes and freezing weather survival


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Winter is wonderful if you have warm clothes. It is horrible if you do not have layers of clothing or blankets. The same goes for your hairless dog. Get a pitbull encased in warm wear and see it walking confidently through the frozen city or countryside. Apparel made especially for dogs is now a booming industry. You can buy glossy down jackets, matching booties, and fisherman's rain jackets. These clothing to warm weather dogs are not just fun. They are a necessity. Good quality wear helps to keep the dogs in the pink of health.To the layperson, dog clothing can be an oddity. It is a biological fact that these domesticated canines descend from wolves, an animal which thrives even in -70 degrees and weather melting heat in the desert, exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Nowhere it can be seen in paintings or photographs of wolves swearing snug jackets.

Domestication at fault

The reason dogs need jackets and warm clothing is a man. Humans domesticated the wolf about 10,000 years back and made them into dogs with readily available food. Such docility, however, came at a cost. The resiliency of these animals went down and became cute cuddly, and vulnerable creatures. The chosen wolf subspecies was made into hundreds of different dog breeds. Since humans lived in different climates, their dogs also showed the characteristics of a specific climate. Hairless dogs are usually a native of hot weather. Medium coat dogs are found in Temperate or Mediterranean.Although dogs differ in their body fur, the temperature of their bodies are similar- 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping dogs like Siberian Huskies in Temperate or hot climes require highly efficient air-conditioning. They also require copious amounts of water. Conversely, hairless dogs need warm zones to survive. A canine with thin hair will get frostbite or hypothermia if they spend hours outside in the freezing cold. It is to be mentioned that you can take your hairless dog for a brief walk in freezing weather. Anytime more than 10 minutes will require bundling up the canines to save them from the bitter cold.

Importance of doggie boots

You should buy clothes for a few hot weather canine breeds. Purchase a thick scarf or a merino-wool cardigan. Buy doggie boots too. They not only look cute but they are useful too. The boots protect the cute paws from the harmful road melt chemicals. These chemicals have industrial salts known to be extremely toxic to dog paws. Your dog will lick its feet after returning home and many ingest the dangerous salts sticking to their body. It will fall ill as a result, and could possibly be fatal. Many dog owners do not want to take this risk and thus buy booties for their canines.

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