Grooming a Maine Coon Cat

Grooming a Maine Coon Cat

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The principal reason people love Maine Coon cats is their beautiful luscious fur. These kitties are large sized, and the thick fur only compounds their royal appearance. Looking at a Maine Coon makes the observer believe the kitty is wearing an expensive and luxurious winter coat. The reality is that coat actually protects those animals from the harsh climate of their native New England habitat. The bulk of fur is required to survive in those harsh conditions.


The regal appearance of Maine Coon kitties has made them a sought after breed by cat lovers. The appearance of this cat breed could only be described as stunning. Do not be afraid if you are thinking about the upkeep of such cats. Even with such a thick fur coat, the Maine Coon is much easier to groom when compared to other similar breeds. It is, however, necessary to groom a Maine Coon cat. Only with grooming can the coat health could be maintained. If a cat possesses an unhealthy fur coat, then many other problems could arise like loss of hair or excessive shedding. The best case scenario is a daily groom. If this is not possible, then a weekly routine is a must. Remember you may love to beautify your cat, but your kitty may hate it. The only way to do fuss-free grooming is if you start the process when your cat is still a puppy. The furball will get used to it and allow you to groom its coat without much fuss.

Grooming equipment and bath

If you wish to do the grooming yourself, and not entrust the task to a professional cat groomer, then remember that the fur of the Maine Coon cat, like its brethren in other cat breeds, is susceptible to matting. To avoid such a jam, a daily brush is of great help. Get a soft, bristle brush to do the job. A hard one may scratch the skin of the cat. If this happens twice or more, the cat may get turned off by your enforced beauty regimen. You will find it harder to make your Maine Coon cat sit still so that you can complete the grooming action. If you see the fur growing on the toes being too long, use clippers to cut the same so that they will be kept at their proper length.

It is an excellent idea to bath your Maine Coon cat. Although cats like to keep themselves clean, the presence of thick fur means you can bath the cat! Some Maine Coon cats not only tolerate water but loves to bath too. As usual, the easiest way to make a cat acclimatize to such activity is to begin the process when the animal is at its puppy stage.

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