Good Family Dogs to Choose From Pooches to Complete Your Family

Good Family Dogs to Choose From

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Some dogs are just made for family life. Patient, loyal, and with a streak of protectiveness, these dogs will fit right into your growing family.

Dogs are known as great family pets, but the truth is that some breeds are better suited to family life than others. Good family dogs should be outgoing, friendly, and gentle, especially if there are children in the house. Highly trainable dogs -- for example those in the sporting group -- are particularly good for homes with children, because they are eager to please and like being members of a group. If you’re looking for a new addition to your happy home, consider one of these lovable breeds.


The Beagle is an ideal family pet with a cheerful, inquisitive, and sometimes mischievous personality. These dogs crave attention and companionship, and get along well with all members of the family as well as other dogs. Scent hounds at heart, Beagles have been known to track down food and eat it, so it’s best to keep things on the top shelf with one of these dogs the house, especially food that's poinsonous to dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Known for their extra large size and equally big hearts, the Bernese Mountain dog (pictured above) is well suited to family life, and often becomes attached to one special person. These dogs are very smart, and their territorial instincts make them devoted homebodies.


Wrinkly and adorable, the Bulldog is one of the most popular family breeds. These dogs have wonderful, sweet personalities and are especially good with children. They are affectionate and protective, and enjoy short walks and long naps.

Similar breeds: American Bulldog, French Bulldog


Of course Lassie makes a great family pet! Collies are large and elegant dogs with intelligent, loving, and faithful personalities. These dogs learn extremely fast and are very eager to please, but their protective streak makes them wary of strangers.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was first bred exclusively as a hunting dog, but today is one of the most popular family breeds. These dogs are loyal, easy to train, and exceptionally friendly (so much so that they make pitiful watch dogs). They get along beautifully with children as well as other pets, and truly become members of the family.

Great Dane

At first glance you may be afraid of these massive dogs who can weigh up to 200 pounds, but Great Danes are actually gentle giants who make excellent family pets. These dogs are very loving and dependable, and get along well with children. They need regular daily exercise, and will be happy with walks, runs, or visits to the park.

Irish Setter

A classic hunting dog, the Irish Setter is a beautiful and energetic breed. These dogs are very cheerful and consistent with their personalities, but they do require regular exercise to stimulate their active bodies and minds.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a favorite family pet. These dogs are quick learners and like to stay active. They make great hunting companions as well as members of the family, and their fun-loving personalities are a perfect fit for homes with children or other dogs.


The Newfoundland is an enormous black dog with a majestic and powerful appearance. These dogs have outstanding personalities; they are well-behaved, gentle, intelligent, and obedient. They get along well with children and love outdoor games and activities. This breed thrives on companionship and does not like to spend time alone.


Poodles are wonderful family dogs. They are highly intelligent, spirited, and loving, and become deeply attached to their owners. The breed is very friendly, and gets along well with other dogs as well as children. The Standard Poodle tends to be the best Poodle type for family life, as Miniature and Toy Poodles can sometimes be high-strung and timid.


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