Giving your cat a massage

Giving your cat a massage

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Make your furry friends relax and calm by giving them a massage. It will help them to wind down after a long stressful cat day. The kitties will know you love and care for them. When it comes to your cat, a massage is much better than simply petting. If possible, massage your cat at least once a day. Your cat will bond with you and you both will be happy.

Be comfortable yourself

The first step to cat massage is to make the animal comfortable. Select a time when you yourself are relaxed to massage your kitty. Do not start suddenly after it comes back from outside or when it is doing something other than lazing around. Begin only when both of you are ready for a round of massage. Needless to say, do not massage your cat just after it had food. Wait a minimum of two hours before you start the procedure.Ensure the cat is comfortable before you begin. It must be happy when around you. Do not grab it and carry your cat to the massage area. Let it come to you. It is best if your cat nuzzles up against you or it purrs. Sing to your kitty if this calms it down. Praise the animal to make it relax. Do not overdo your singing or talk in a high pitched voice. Your cat will become irritated or nervous if you do so. When you are sure that your cat is calm, then only begin the massage.

How to massage

Take a deep breath and be calm. Do not be tense. If you are, it will show up in the massage. Any cat can sense your mood and it will not want to take any massage from you after that. The massage time must not exceed 10 minutes per session. Spend one minute on each part of your cat's body. This will make it relaxed.Begin the massage from your cat's favorite body spit. Stroke the cat at slow speed so that the kitty gets used to the message. This could be its chin or behind ears, or on the back. Start from a place which your cat is more amenable to be touched. Massage using the full hand, Do not make the mistake of using only the fingertips. This touch may not be enough to make your cat feel happy. Use the complete hand and apply gentle pressure to the body of your kitty as you stroke its body. Use the fingertips to massage only the face and the head. You can employ one hand or both hands to do the massage. Do pay attention to the cat's reaction. Stop the massage if it tries to get up.

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