Getting Rid Of The Smell Of Dog Urine From Your Carpet


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Untrained pets often tend to pee on the carpet. But don't panic โ€“ there are many effective methods to remove the unpleasant odor of urine from the carpet without the use of harmful chemicals.

Cleaning 101

Puppies who are still perfecting their potty training tend to get over excited from time to time and take a leak on the carpet. As soon as you see them do it, blot out the area with towels. Then, proceed to add some green dish soap mixed with a little bit of water over the area. Place an absorbent towel on top and step on it so that it will absorb as much of it as possible.If you come across a wet spot which might have happened much earlier during the day, sprinkle the area with baking soda and leave it there overnight. Once the patch has dried up, spray some white vinegar (distilled) and do not get worried if you notice the carpet bubbling up. It's just a sign of the compounds interacting before the cleaning action sets in.You can also mix the baking soda and vinegar in a spraying bottle. Mix a cup of water and white vinegar and add two heapfuls of baking soda to the mixture and shake it thoroughly. Spray the mixture onto your carpet and let it rest for five minutes before blotting it with a fresh piece of cloth. The mixture will remain potent for some time. So you can have a batch handy if you have a young puppy.You can also use hydrogen peroxide on urine stains. Spray the chemical on the stain, wait till it bubbles and wait for 10 minutes before you use a rag to sop it up. Make sure the peroxide isn't strong enough to remove the color from your carpet.

Commercial cleaners

You can also go for the

store-bought cleaners, most of which have enzymes that break down the molecules in the urine

so that you can clean it up. You do not have to blot or rinse the cleaner. Just let it do its job. In some cases, the smell can get worse before getting better, so do not be discouraged. More traditional cleaners that have chlorine, sodium lauryl sulphate and ammonia can be harmful to your pet. If the instruction label advises you to keep the product away from the reach of children or pets, think twice before you use it.

Stubborn stains

If you have really old stains, go for a carpet cleaning thingamajig from the local store. Make sure you rinse out the tank before you use it and never use the cleanser that the rental sells you. Go for a natural cleaner of the water and white vinegar mixture. However, there are cases where you just need to call the professionals. Urine can sometime soak right through the padding of the carpet, right down to the sub floor. Spot cleaning is great for getting the urine on the face fibers, but if they have lingered too long, call the pros.

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