Getting ahead of dog shedding

Getting ahead of dog shedding

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Dog owners love their pets. The problem of shedding hair, however, is real and can be frustrating to everyone. Anyone who has a pet spends many hours removing fur from clothes, possessions, food, and homes. Before you complain, do remember that dog owners shed as well. Do take a look at the shower drain after you take a bath.

Natural phenomenon

Your dog sheds as the process is a natural one when it comes to removing old and damaged hair. The hair which falls off is swiftly replenished with brand new hair. Your dog's body hair serves multiple purposes like skin protection, body temperature regulation, and sensation among many others.

Every dog sheds, but you should be concerned when the dog sheds in excess. The quantum of normal shedding depends on the breed. To give an example, a few dog breeds like the short coated dogs (one good example of this kind is the Boxer) shed all around the year. Other breeds like Akitas or Huskies shed twice every year. It is a popular misconception that dogs with longer coats shed more. In fact, long coated dogs shed only when the weather determines the body should shed hair.

It is to be kept in mind that when an animal sheds, it is a good thing. This can be normal or due to injury or plain nerves. Excessive shedding or too little happens when the animal is subjected to imperfect grooming. Irregular shedding may also occur if the animal suffers from a few particular illnesses. As a pet owner, you should show concern if the shedding rise accompanied by patchy hair loss and itchiness. The presence of skin lesions and general illness signs are also warning factors. If any of these happens, then it is important that you take the dog to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Checking abnormal shedding

Abnormal shedding occurs with the presence of thyroid disorders, poor nutrition, or diabetes. All these can be assisted by improving your dog's health. Animals suffering from dry skin or dandruff tend to have increased shedding problems. As a dog owner, you can take a number of steps to push your dog to a normal shedding schedule.

If your dog does not have any health problems (as certified by the vet), a healthy and balanced diet will work wonders to keep the shedding at its acceptable level. The canine must get sufficient quantities of fat and high-quality protein. Essential fatty acids are a must to reduce shedding. Do buy better quality dog foods at little higher prices if required. The food quality influences shedding and the animal's coat quality too. The breed component of the dog and its genetic component plays a role too.

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