From Homeless to Heiress - How a Twice Rejected Rescue Finally Hit it Big

From Homeless to Heiress - How a Twice Rejected Rescue Finally Hit it Big

This is Lady, the old


ย who walked 30 miles to return to the family that gave her up -- only to be given up again!

old Labrador Lady

Lady is a senior black lab that was sent to the shelter after her original owner passed away. Lucky for her, she did not stay in the

shelter for long. Lady was quickly snatched up by another family. However, this stop was a brief one on Ladyโ€™s journey. Afterย appearing unable to coexist with the familyโ€™s puppy, the old Labradorย was given back to the shelter.From there, Lady was adopted by another family. Typically, the story would end here, but ย because of Ladyโ€™s unyielding determination, she escaped from her new home and made the 30 mile trek back to the family that gave her up. Unfortunately, her arduous return was not met with the kind of open-armed response she had hoped. After the amazement of the moment had passed, it was back to the shelter for Lady, with both adoptive families now firmly opposed to having the old Labrador

ย in their home.

old Labrador in the woods

Luckily, word of Ladyโ€™s amazing journey made it to some major news outlets. Before long the internet was abuzz with peoplesโ€™ opinions and comments on her story, as well as offers to give this loving old Labrador a good home.Moreover (and likely theย most incredible facet of this tale) Ladyโ€™s story made its way to notedย ย animal rights advocateย -- and the heiress of the Wrigley Gum fortune -- Helen Rich. Rich decided that Lady had taken more than enough lumps for one lifetime. It was high time that someone helped Lady carry her load, and Helen Rich decided to be that person.Rich had her assistants

fly out in her private jet and pick up Lady, taking her from shelter life and escorting her briskly into the lap of luxury. Lady now lives, along with 300 other pets in need, on Richโ€™s 120 acre farm in Florida where she will never want for anything ever again. Not old Labrador - Its an AIRPLANE!

If only all rescue stories had such a happy ending. At least for Lady, her days of wandering through the dark looking for a home are over.

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