Flying Somewhere with Your Pet this Spring? Here are Tips to Follow


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Spring is one of the best times of the year and ideal for planning a vacation. But if it breaks your heart to leave your pet behind, then you need to be prepared to help them fly to the holiday destination comfortably.It is important to understand that not every pet is suited for flying. The health condition and general temperament of your pet can be key factors determining their suitability for such travel. Therefore, before departing for your trip, make sure that you schedule a visit to the veterinarian and get a routine medical checkup for your pet. It should have been given all the necessary vaccinations and a go-ahead from the vet before the impending air travel.Here are a few other important tips that you should consider when flying with your pet:

  • Check airline policies related to pet travel before bookingIn most airlines, the policies related to pet travel are usually quite strict and there is no scope for any negotiation. So make sure that you thoroughly check the policies of your chosen airline well in advance. The policies are typically related to breed and weight restrictions and requirement for special documents when carrying service animals. In case any policy is violated, you might need to forfeit a non-refundable ticket and suffer loss.
  • Choose non-peak flightsA good way to minimize stress for the traveling animal is to choose a flight that doesnโ€™t carry too many passengers and thus offers more cabin space.
  • Pick a good carrierPicking the right travel carrier for your pet is one of the most important things to consider when taking a flight. You can find both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers in the market. A soft-sided carrier is obviously preferable and will likely fit better underneath the seat. It may be good idea to go with the recommendations of the manufacturer with regards to a suitable size of carrier. Remember to pick a size that allows the animal to stand up, turn around and lie down easily and comfortably. Proper ventilation is another critical factor to consider when selecting a carrier.
  • Pack well for the flightThere is little different between pets and little babies and both are unaware of social etiquette in an aircraft. So if you have a dog on the flight, you could easily expect some unwanted barking. Hence, it is critical to pack all the things that could help make your pet comfortable, e.g. snacks, toys and even muzzling devices if needed. At the same time, avoid tranquilizing or sedating the animal if you donโ€™t have the vetโ€™s approval because it could lead to serious medical problems
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