“Flabbergasted” Owner Reunited with Missing Dog After 5 Years


Jennifer Koczan, of South Bend, Indiana, never thought she would see her dog, Sasha, again after she was

apparently taken from her home in 2008

.  Jennifer was "flabbergasted" when she got a call from a Phoenix animal shelter, saying that someone had turned her in. Thanks to a

pet microchip, they were able to find Koczan.The shelter quickly informed Jennifer that she had just five days to travel across the country to retrieve Sasha before she was euthanized. Still reeling from the news that her dog had been found, the concerned pet parent jumped into action, calling everyone she knew in Arizona to see if someone would be able to save Sasha.Luckily, friends from Casa Grande, Arizona, offered to pick up Sasha from the shelter before she was put to sleep. At that point, Jennifer was put in contact with Kindred Hearts Transport Connection

, a volunteer animal relocation organization dedicated to saving and relocating animals into rescue, foster and/or adoptive homes.Thanks to the organization's nationwide network of volunteers, Sasha's journey from Phoenix involved 24 different stops before arriving in Indiana on August 18th, according to Charie Rexroad, a spokeswoman for the organizationJennifer Koczan was thrilled to be reunited with her now eight-year-old Rottweiler, and elated when Sasha seemed to remember her owner after all these years."It's like a blessing and a second chance," she said. "She's at the end of her life and now she'll live it out in peace. She won't have to worry about being fed or where she's going to live. That part of her life is done."

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